Our Services


We service roof top air conditioning units.


When it comes to residential HVAC, we service all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioning. We also install top quality high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units. Add-ons include de-humidifiers and air exchangers.


We offer calibration services for equipment such as fridges, freezers, and ovens. If the unit contains a chart recorder, that is calibrated as well if required. All calibrated equipment comes complete with a calibration sticker for the unit itself and a calibration certificate for reference.


A major part of our business is setting up equipment. Some examples are fridges and freezers, ovens, chambers, walk-in boxes and chart recorders.

Diagnosing and repairing this type of equipment is a fine art, and PC Mechanical has refined that art over its 30 years of experience.

Preventative Maintenance

As well as calibrations, PC Mechanical also provides preventative maintenance, which is a complete inspection of the total operation of the unit, recording any findings for you to have on file so you know exactly how your equipment is actually performing. This service is usually provided in junction with calibration. If equipment maintenance is really important and you can't afford to have a unit go down, then we also offer a minor P/M which is usually done 6 months from the main P/M.

Other Services

  • Walk in boxes
  • Custom control cabinetry
  • Commercial HVAC/R
  • Residential HVAC

Below Is a Further Breakdown of Services We Offer

  • Fluent in ULT freezers
  • Fluent in Chamber controls and operation
  • Excellent piping practice with end results functional and ascetically pleasing
  • Running new and continuing existing gas lines for furnaces, stoves, fireplaces and hot water tanks
  • Preventative maintenance of equipment. Cleaning condensers whether they are indoor or outdoor. Catching issues before they become problems.
  • Calibration and preventative maintenance of many different kinds of equipment
  • Temperature conditioning and humidity controlled applications

We Take Great Pride in Our Work

Practicing excellent troubleshooting skills to accurately pinpoint issues and solve them at their source eliminating guess work

  • Pool heaters
  • Safe work practices, respect and care for job site whether it’s residential or commercial.
  • equipment needing to be placed onto a roof. Equipment that needs to be moved longer distances are put on a cart or strapped into a two wheeler.
  • Removal and proper disposal of old residential HVAC equipment at no extra charge